[EU] A Reminder About Password Security

This is an important reminder for customers with PlayOnline IDs or Square Enix accounts.

Your PlayOnline IDs, Square Enix accounts, and their passwords are sensitive pieces of information that should be guarded carefully. We’d like to ask that you take the following precautions to help prevent them from falling into the hands of a third party or otherwise being compromised:

* Do not use repeated strings of characters, phone numbers, birth dates, or other such information in your password.
* Change your password regularly.
* Do not use programs that put you at risk of viruses, spyware or other malware.
* Do not open emails or download files from unknown sources.
* Do not access suspicious websites.

Also please note that if you use the same account name or password as your PlayOnline ID or Square Enix account on other online services, a security breach at any of the other online services you use could potentially lead to your PlayOnline ID or Square Enix account being compromised as well. We therefore recommend that you use a different set of account names and passwords for each of your online services.

Another way to greatly decrease the likelihood of unauthorized access to your accounts is by using a Square Enix security token. We strongly recommend that you begin using one if you are not already doing so.

Please visit the following link for more information about security tokens.

Also, please note that FINAL FANTASY XIV features a system that allows for monitoring of suspicious account activity. Accounts that are suspected of having been compromised will have their access temporarily restricted.

In the event of a temporary login restriction being placed on a FINAL FANTASY XIV account, access to FINAL FANTASY XIV will be temporarily restricted and a “Unauthorized connection to server detected” message will be displayed when trying to log in. Access to FINAL FANTASY XI will also be restricted for all PlayOnline IDs linked to the Square Enix account in question.

Once login has been restricted, an email notification will be sent to the primary email address registered to the Square Enix account. This email will contain instructions on how to remove the login restriction. Players will be asked to reset their passwords and log in again.

Please visit the following link for more information about login restrictions.

Thank you for helping us better safeguard your personal information and account information.