An Important Announcement Regarding PFA And AR

9 Oct 2011

Hello everyone! Today we have some good news and bad news. Which would you like to hear first?…OK so you can’t really pick since this is a post so I’ll just lay it out for you.

We have decided that that due to the amount of information being made available and recent lack of community interaction, that Pet Food Alpha will be stepping down from its weekly release schedule that it has held for the last five years. The show is by no means ending, however we will be spreading the episodes further apart in an attempt to have more “full” episodes. We hope that by doing this we’ll have more news available to discuss and more e-mails to read. By the way, we still want/need people to send in e-mails! Send them to

Now on to the good news! Starting this week, we will be alternating between Pet Food Alpha and Aetheryte Radio. This week we will be streaming Episode 19 of Aetheryte Radio at 10:30pm EST on Gamer Escape Radio to talk about Patch 1.19 and other recent events including the live Q&A session held by Naoki Yoshida. If you have any thoughts about 1.19 that you’d like to share send us an e-mail:

Looking ahead to the future we will be changing air dates for both PFA and AR. We’re looking to move the shows from Monday night, back to Saturday night. Same bat time, same bat channel. Just a different day. You can thank the wonderful world of job schedules for this change and we hope that it won’t be an inconvenience for any of you.

As always, make sure to check our Gamer Escape Radio Calender to see when our shows will be airing and make sure you get in any Final Fantasy XIV Bragging Rights you might have!