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FINAL FANTASY XI Update (Oct. 4)

4 Oct 2011

At the following time and date, FINAL FANTASY XI was updated to implement the changes detailed below.

[Date & Time]
Oct. 4, 2011 at 11:30 (PDT)

[Update Details]

– The accuracy of area of effect attacks striking the weak point of a monster that is not being targeted has been reduced in the following zones.

Dynamis – Valkurm / Dynamis – Buburimu
Dynamis – Qufim / Dynamis – Tavnazia

– Certain staff trials (16 types) from “Trial of the Magians,” which were postponed from the Sep. 19 version update, have now been implemented.

* This update has been implemented ahead of schedule as a result of early completion of testing.

[Affected Service]