Newsletter #50: From The Desk Of The Community Team

Oh snap, we’ve reached our fiftieth issue! For this momentous occasion, I felt like the good ol’ newsletter needed a little facelift; as they say, “Out with the old and in with the new!” Hopefully this new look will be somewhat easier on the eyes, while adding some flair to the design as well. What do you think?

With the level cap increasing to 95 and all of the new content added, what are your impressions of the September version update thus far? Did any of you get totally obliterated by Kaggen- the mantid monster0 the first time you spanwed him? Between the CoP Dynamis revamp, adjustments to Walk of Echoes, new battlefields and the Voidwatch expansion, there ought to be tons for you to enjoy. I for one am looking forward to seeing all the discussion and strategies that pop up on the forums regarding new content.

The screenshot caption contest held on the official forums had a ton of entries, and so many of them had the Community Team in stitches (as you all know from previous issues, we community team mebmers love to have a good laugh over hilarious screenshots). We would love to have more contests like this, as part of a continued effort to tenderize the juicy development information and other delectable dishes we provide on the forums. Stay tuned for future developments and more fun!

In the meantime, gather your friends and embark on an adventure to explore the latest content, flourish the formidable equipment you procure, and share the discoveries you make. From here on out, you have the level 99 cap to look forward to, so get ready to face the myriad challenges that still await! See you all in Vana’diel.