Recipe Revamp

As has been stated in previous posts, patch 1.19 will feature several new synthesis recipes, as well as significant changes and adjustments to existing ones.

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Changes Planned for Patch 1.19

* The following feature, planned for patch 1.19, is still in development, and therefore subject to change.


Further Insight into Recipe Revision & Abolishment

Over the past year, we have conducted several rounds of balance adjustments to intermediary part recipes, focusing on the number of materials required to create an item in relation to the number of items yielded by its recipe. For most items, this meant increasing a recipe’s yield to accommodate the large number of parts required in the crafting of weapons and gear. New recipes introduced in 1.19, however, will no longer require as many materials, meaning that, if left untouched, current intermediary part recipes will yield more items than crafters need. This could lead to an influx of those items in the market, and ultimately end up disrupting the balance of the in-game economy. To counter this, we have gone back to those intermediary part recipes and readjusted both the amount of materials required, as well as the number of items yielded with each successful synthesis.

Copper ingots are not part of any new blacksmithing and armoring recipes, rendering the item obsolete. To ensure that existing materials are not wasted on a no-longer necessary item, potentially affecting the in-game economy in an adverse manner, we have decided to remove the two recipes for copper ingots altogether.

*Items that are crafted using pre-1.19 recipes have had “Dated” added to their names (e.g. Dated Canvas Robe).