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City Of Heroes: Freedom Brings The Franchise Into The F2P Market

28 Sep 2011

City Of Heroes is looking mighty gray these days, the 2004 MMO standing the test of time longer than many of it’s competitors.

Of course, like all MMO’s, it’s numbers are dwindling. So enters City Of Heroes: Freedom, a F2P version of the game that likely hopes to draw in new players, and keep the title afloat for at least a little while longer. Naturally, there are some drawbacks for players that choose to play under the free model:

Free Players are restricted from certain systems within the game (alignment change, Day Jobs, Mission Architect, and so on), and they will not receive any live support unless they upgrade to VIP Player status. They can still access self-help support.

No surprise here, but I can see the game being a lethargic way to burn a weekend before you move on to something new. Besides, F2P is economical in times where your wallet is empty, and your collection of games has already been thoroughly ravaged and conquered.