Patch 0.308: Hotfix 2 Deployed

This morning we implemented a second hotfix to resolve a number of issues that were reported within Patch 0.308 “A Sugary Explosion.” Here is a list of the changes that were made.


Bug Fixes

  • The minimap is now correctly centered on Brakmar.
  • The south west area of the Brakmar HQ can now be accessed (the cells used to be blocked).
  • Estrichettes description fixed.
  • English description of the Urban Planner title updated.
  • The Scarecroolate is now easier to fight (nerfing of Stick in the Mud and the chances to inflict Wounded) + lowered HP to 235.
  • Gobblig the Childish’s spell Lickety Spit is now played correctly.
  • Several client/server fixes in order to improve the user experience (slowdowns, visual glitches, various fighting errors in the server…).