Event: All Roads Lead to Brakmar Results

22 Sep 2011

After an exhaustive study of all street names submitted to us, the Community and Development teams choose in tandem the winners of the “All Roads Lead to Brakmar” contest. Discover the masterminds behind the new street names of the 3rd nation of the World of Twelve!


The Martial Path, watched over by Hook Master Stumpy Jack:

Psycho Path

Blade’s Edge

Crooked Chafer’s Reach

Organ trail

Avenue Hauntpain





The Bouffe-Lard Boulevard, watched over by  Sarko-Phage:

Frank ‘n’ Steinfull Road

Slice-n-Dice Boulevard

Cut-throat Crossway

Bloodcurdling Cul-De-Sac

Hell’s Kitchen






The Scara Pass, watched over by the lovely maiden Halein Flesh:

Haberdasher Alley

Eye of the Needle

Skullista Way

Bloodred Boulevard

Silkrondia Avenue






The winners:


The moment awaited by all, we are proud to announce the winners of this contest!

Each winner will have the honor of seeing their street name implemented into WAKFU in addition to receiving an exclusive in-game title “Urban planner”.

And now without any further delay, the winners are… (Drum roll)

o    Sweetandslice
o    Serenade_Omega
o    Ink-lookx5
o    Maaaaad
o    Jacoah
o    Azuredragonette
o    Zoggy
o    Cattlebruiser
o    Trinity Thief
o    Snorehiste
o    OminousFantasy
o    Kisa-Tigeress
o    Ianquin-
o    SupersunZeratul
o    MostwantedRogue


Congratulations to the winners and big thanks to all of the contest participants! We hope you enjoyed the event.