Dev Blog: The Rogues!

If Brakmar sounds like a deathtrap (believe us, it does), the reason is simple: it’s in fact a den of Rogues! Sporting (un)orthodox attire consisting of skull adorned black bandanas, these brigands will let their black powder do the talking in WAKFU’s World of Twelve beginning tomorrow!

Their weapon of choice and trademarked calling card is unmistakably the bomb. Whether it is a “Water Bomb,” a “Grenado,” or even a general “Explobomb,” Rogues always have a detonator close to their heart…or at least clenched firmly in hand.

But alas, these are no one-trick ponies! Being capable gunslingers as well, pistols have proved to be a very effective tool at keeping enemies at bay with their “Cross,” “Tommy,” or “Napalm” shots. But as they’re trained to survive in practically any situation, in the most extreme cases, they won’t hesitate to blow… their cover, and run away.

Don’t let them slip between your fingers as they arrive in the next patch on September 21st, along with the Pandawas Pint.