Netflix Split In Half, Video Games Added To The Menu

19 Sep 2011

It seems that after the price bump this month for Netflix service, and their rather large (nearly 50%!) plummet in the stock market as consequence, they have planned to re-strategize.

Netflix is branching off into two companies – The first one, Netflix, which will exclusively deal with streaming movies and digital content over the internet. The second, “Qwikster“, their new company to host the shipment of supposedly “archaic” DVD’s and Blu-ray discs. The perk, however, is that Qwikster will also open the company to renting video games; Initiating competition with fellow rent-by-mail service Gamefly.

Reed Hastings, Netflix’s CEO, announced in his blog that now that the streaming and disc-by-mail teams are separate brands entirely, they have hired enough staff power to make renting video games possible. This is exciting news for those of us whom had to decide between Netflix and Gamefly.

However, now there is a new dilemma. Netflix or Qwikster? Talk about polarizing your own audience – Let us hope that Qwikster will provide us with a reasonable Games+Streaming plan option, likely a prudent combination for those of us that stream content over Netflix using a gaming console.