Razer's New Competitive Fighting Stick - Closed Beta Included!

16 Sep 2011

Didn’t expect this one. Much like Madcatz, Razer has decided to step into the world of competitive fighting sticks. Made for the Xbox 360, the stick promises to be the ‘ultimate’ experience in arcade stick-age. One has to wonder if they will go Sanwa or Seimitsu, because the production shots seem to make it look quite similar to the Madcatz TE.

Beta application is open to everyone – Surprising for a hardware product, but I no doubt believe that Razer really wants the gaming community to give their input and love on the new stick. After all, fighting games are quite community driven these days, and the device would surely tank if it didn’t get approval from the actual gamers and modders.

Still, what can they offer that Madcatz and Hori doesn’t already? They really need to make some design changes if they want to be competitive. Very un-Razer-like, they may have to keep the price competitive as well.