FFXI Vana-Con Anniversary 11.11.11

Today, Square Enix announced FINAL FANTASY XI Vana-Con Anniversary 11.11.11 for Japan.

The event will be a concert featuring the most popular songs from Final Fantasy XI including the original game, expansions and add-on content. Being held at Katsushika Symphonic Hills’ Mozart Hall, the Orchestra will be conducted by Masahiko Enkouji who has previously been involved with the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra.

As with previous special events for Japan, tickets will be made available via a lottery which will open up registration on September 27th. In order to register you will have to have an active Final Fantasy XI account and will have to have been playing for a certain period of time, which will be announced later. Attendees will receive a special present.

But just what is this special present you ask? By scanning the data files from the test server, players have found the “Maestro’s Baton” a level 1 club with a costume enchantment. It also has a musical note animation attached to it, which probably activates when striking enemies, similar to the Moogle Rod’s Kupo sound. There is also a second Mandragora club in the data files with similar stats, however the appearance is a bit different. Perhaps this will be made available to players outside Japan at some point in the future?