Dev Blog: New Gameplay for Pandawas

A two-coloured fur? Check. Muscular arms? Check. Addiction to root beer? Check. Everything is ready for the arrival of The Pandawa disciples in the World of Twelve.

Let’s discover the gameplay of those drinking masters!

Class Features

Drinking and fighting!

The Main concept about the Pandawa class is that the Pandawa should never leave his house without a full barrel of Root beer at his side.

The barrel is very important for the Pandawa as it represents his principal source of Root Beer which will enable him to level up his Exhilaration and at the same time increase his power and unlock additional effects for his spells. In its drunken state, the Pandawa is dependent on the barrel to use its benefits, meaning the Pandawa must stay near the barrel to be able to stay in a drunken state.

If the Pandawa is not next to their barrel or carrying it, they will lose the exhilaration state and switch to the Depressed state which will be of the same level as the lost exhilaration state.

Technically, the barrel itself is a container which can hold a certain amount of Root beer but can also be used as a weapon (an example would be using it as a flame-thrower or to knock out an enemy).However all barrels have a limited capacity.

Most of the spells using the contents of the barrel will decrease its health. Once destroyed, the players will have to summon another one, sent by the Pandawa Goddess.

Fire branch

The Fire branch is based on area and distance damage.

Pandawa Burp: The Pandawa feels a rumbling within and blows a putrid burp out at his enemies! If the targets are Dizzy, they’ll lose this state and take on Burning instead.

Light My Fire: The Pandawa uses his barrel as a flamethrower which does long-distance damage.

General Round: The Pandawa fires a flame towards a target, who suffers Fire Damage. If the target is Dizzy and another Dizzy fighter is next to it, this fighter will also catch fire and potentially pass it on to another Dizzy target in the same way.

Explosive Flask: The Pandawa chucks a flask filled from his barrel and it explodes, inflicting damage within its wide area of effect. The damage is 25% higher on Dizzy targets.

Bengal Bamboo: The Pandawa snaps a Bengal bamboo stem and throws it at a target, which catches fire. Small sprays of fire then burst out in a rectangle around the target, doing minor damage. If a Dizzy target is touched by one of these sprays, the spell’s effect will repeat and sparks will fly outwards in a rectangle from this cell too, potentially hitting another dizzy target… and so on.

Earth branch

The Earth branch is based around melee combat and the drunken Pandawa techniques.

Triple Whammy: Three palm strikes are administered as the Pandawa moves forward, pushing the target back little by little. The more dizzy targets there are around the Pandawa, the more damage he’ll do.

Bash Barrel: The Pandawa uses its barrel to injure enemies standing next to it. Bash Barrel makes targets Dizzy.

Fizzticuffs: The Pandawa jumps over his barrel and hits out at the three cells forming a triangle around it.

Pandawhack: The Pandawa hits his target as many times as he has levels of Exhilaration, applying the Dizzy state as he does so.

Blisskrieg: The happy Pandawa uses his barrel like a steam-roller to crush the enemy’s defence. The spell will affect the enemy in front of him and any found in the line behind him. The more Dizzy targets there are around him, the higher the damage done will be.

Water branch

The Water branch is based around support.

Lowlife: The panda won’t let anyone else be the life and soul of the party, so he removes a little of his opponent’s vital energy, leaving it Dizzy.

Fizzy Spray: A fizzy root beer spray spurts out of the panda’s barrel, doing damage to enemies. It also loves the resistances of Dizzy enemies and allies will enter the Psychic Link state.

Bubble Trouble: Waves of froth bubble over. If the targets are dizzy, they’ll slip on the froth and be pushed back.

Tsunami: Waves of root beer flood out of the barrel and damage nearby targets at the same time as lowering their resistances. If the targets were Dizzy, they will lose twice as much resistance.

Fountain of Youth: The Pandawa’s bamboo milk starts flowing freely, and allies standing nearby feel their life increase, along with their luck! Everyone’s getting dizzy! Drink up!


Active specialties:

Summoning of Barrel: Summons a barrel used by the Pandawa to quench their thirst and thereby increasing their level of Exhilaration.

Karmchamrak: The fusion of Karcham and Chamrak! Used for throwing or carrying a target. A carried target cannot be targeted.

Ether: Applies Ethereal state to the target.

  • Level 1: The target doesn’t block the line of sight anymore.
  • Level 2: The target doesn’t block the line of sight anymore and cannot be carried or teleported.
  • Level 3: The target doesn’t block the line of sight anymore and cannot be carried, teleported, pushed or pulled.


Barreleport: Teleports the Pandawa to a cell next to the barrel (within the spell range).

Bamboozle: Sprays an area with Bamboo milk: the allies will get a boost, but the enemies will be caught off guard. They’ll all leave feeling Dizzy anyway.

Passives Specialties:

Aqua Splash: At the end of each turn the Pandawa’s barrel enters the Cawwot Juice state. It gives a certain number of HP back to the first allied target who hits the barrel at the start of the turn.

Master of Merriment: Gives bonuses depending of the Pandawa’s exhilaration level.

Bottomless Barrel: The Pandawa Goddess increases the capacity of the barrel.

Closing Time: When the barrel reaches zero health points, it explodes and hits targets around.

Sherpa: The Pandawa becomes a master of the art of carrying.