IRL: PAX Prime + Meet-&-Greet

Going to be in the Seattle-area this weekend? Visit us at PAX Prime! And on Saturday evening, head down to our casual community Meet-&-Greet (PAX badge not required).

Get Ready for PAX

WAKFU will be descending onto the unsuspecting city of coffee this weekend as we showcase at PAX Prime @ Seattle, WA. Look for the Square Enix booth (#3633) front and center and you’ll easily
be able to spot us.

Swing by and maybe adopt a new buddy or finally get your Haven Bag to fill with all of your adventuring loot (or swag, as some of you like to call it).


Whether you’re a PAX attendee or just in the neighborhood, you’re invited — no badge required!

Following the convention on Saturday, the WAKFU team will be having a community Meet-&-Greet; a great opportunity to not only unite with your fellow guildies and citizens, but to share a pint with the game staff. Located just minutes away from the convention center, you’re guaranteed to find a suitable place to relax yet keep within the ambiance of all the festivities of the show!

Saturday 8/27 @ 8-10 PM PST

1415 First Avenue
Seattle, Washington
Ph: (206) 622-6044
*Must be 21 years or older to attend
**Guests are responsible for their own purchases