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More Details on Eorzea's Horsebirds

19 Aug 2011

A message from Naoki Yoshida was recently posted on the forums talking about the plans the team has in store for our feathery future friends which are going to make their initial appearance in Patch 1.19.

I am very impressed with everyone’s ideas for Chocobos! As I have stated before, we are working on the Chocobo growth system, but implementation may take longer than expected. (We are planning on implementing some gear for Personal Chocobos in patch 1.20. )

Final details will be revealed prior to the patch release, but here are a few teasers for you all:

  • Rental Chocobos will be rented using gil. Prices will be very low, even players under rank 20 will be able to easily afford one.
  • Rental Chocobos can be used for limited periods of time, so they will serve as short-term transportation supplements.
  • Personal Chocobos will have no recast timer. (They can be called instantly, unless you are being attacked!)
  • The use of Personal Chocobos is unlimited. (You can ride them for as long as you want!)
  • Both types of Chocobos can be attacked by enemies while you ride them.
  • If you receive too much damage while you are riding a Chocobo, you will be knocked off the Chocobo.
  • We are currently working on the speed of the Chocobos. (There will be no speed difference based on the character’s race.)
  • The sizes of the Chocobos will be different based on the character’s race.
  • Rental and Personal Chocobos will have different appearances and different background music.

That’s about it. Since Personal Chocobos will become the basis of the Mount System, they have no recast timers and no riding time restrictions. However, they can be attacked by powerful monsters.

I hope you guys can ride the Chocobos well!