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Job Adjustments

19 Aug 2011

The forthcoming version update is going to add a whole bunch of new toys for the job classes of Vana’diel including new abilities and spells.

Check out the full list of goodies after the break.

The forthcoming version update will feature the following job-related adjustments and refinements:

New Job Abilities

  • White Mage
    • Sacrosanctity (Lv. 95)
      Enhances magic defense for party members within area of effect.
  • Black Mage
    • Manawell (Lv. 95)
      Eliminates the cost of the next magic spell the target casts.
  • Red Mage
    • Spontaneity (Lv. 95)
      Reduces casting time for the next magic spell the target casts.
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  • Thief
    • Bully (Lv. 93)
      Intimidates target.
  • Paladin
    • Palisade (Lv. 95)
      Increases chance of blocking with shield, and eliminates enmity loss.
  • Dark Knight
    • Scarlet Delirium (Lv. 95)
      Channels damage taken into enhanced attack and magic attack.
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  • Beastmaster
    • Run Wild (Lv. 93)
      Your familiar will gain heightened powers, but will disappear when the effect expires.
  • Bard
    • Marcato (Lv. 93)
      Enhances the effect of your next song.
  • Ranger
    • Decoy Shot (Lv. 95)
      Diverts enmity when launching a ranged attack from behind a party member.
  • Samurai
    • Hagakure (Lv. 95)
      Grants “Save TP” effect and a TP bonus to your next weapon skill.
  • Ninja
    • Issekigan (Lv. 95)
      Increases chance of parrying, and gives an enmity bonus upon a successful parry attempt.
  • Dragoon
    • Steady Wing (Lv. 95)
      Creates a barrier that temporarily absorbs a certain amount of damage dealt to your wyvern.
  • Summoner
    • Carbuncle: Soothing Ruby (Lv. 94)
      Removes multiple status ailments from party members within area of effect.
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    • Ramuh: Shock Squall (Lv. 92)
      Temporarily prevents all enemies within area of effect from acting.
  • Blue Mage
    • Unbridled Knowledge (Lv. 95)
      Allows access to additional blue magic spells.
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  • Corsair
    • Miser’s Roll (Lv. 92)
      Grants “Conserve TP” effect to party members within area of effect. Lucky Number: 5. Unlucky Number: 7.
    • Companion’s Roll (Lv. 95)
      Grants “Regain” and “Regen” effects to pets of party members within area of effect. Lucky Number: 2. Unlucky Number: 10.
  • Puppetmaster
    • Cooldown (Lv. 95)
      Reduces the strain on your automaton.
  • Dancer
    • Ternary Flourish (Lv. 93)
      Allows you to deliver a threefold attack. Requires at least three finishing moves.

Job Ability and Job Trait Refinements

  • Blue Mage
    • Five additional blue magic points will be granted upon reaching Lv. 91.
  • Scholar
    • The effect duration of Tabula Rasa will be increased from 30 to 90 seconds.

Pet-related Additions and Adjustments

  • Beastmaster
    • New familiars will be introduced.
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  • Dragoon
    • The amount of damage wyverns take will be reduced.
  • Puppetmaster
    • Automatons will gain the job trait Subtle Blow.

Additional Spells

  • White Magic
    • Holy II (WHM Lv. 95)
      Deals light elemental damage to an enemy. Afflatus Solace: Increases spell potency based on the amount of HP you restore.
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    • Curaga V (WHM Lv. 95)
      Restores HP of all party members within area of effect.
    • Boost-STR (WHM Lv. 93)
      Enhances Strength for party members within area of effect.
    • Gain-STR (RDM Lv. 93)
      Enhances Strength.
    • Temper (RDM Lv. 95)
      Grants the ability to occasionally attack twice.
    • Embrava (SCH Lv. 5: Tabula Rasa must be in effect)
      Consumes 30% of your maximum MP. Gradually restores target party member’s HP and TP and increases attack speed.
  • Black Magic
    • Thunder V (BLM Lv. 92)
      Deals lightning damage to an enemy.
    • Blizzaja (BLM Lv. 93)
      Deals ice damage to enemies within area of effect. Successive use enhances spell potency.
    • Absorb-Attri (DRK Lv. 91)
      Steals an enemy’s beneficial status effects.
    • Breakga (BLM Lv. 95)
      Petrifies enemies within area of effect, preventing them from acting.
    • Comet (BLM Lv. 94)
      Deals dark damage to an enemy. Successive use enhances spell potency.
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    • Kaustra (SCH Lv. 5: Tabula Rasa must be in effect)
      Consumes 30% of your maximum MP. Deals dark damage to an enemy.
  • Songs
    • Horde Lullaby II (BRD Lv. 95)
      Puts enemies within area of effect to sleep.
    • Pining Nocturne (BRD Lv. 92)
      Decreases an enemy’s magic accuracy and increases its spellcasting time.
    • Ice Carol II (BRD Lv. 93)
      Increases resistance against ice and sometimes nullifies ice damage for party members within area of effect.
  • Ninjutsu
    • Kakka: Ichi (NIN Lv. 93)
      Uses the ninja tool, “ryuno.” Increases your TP gain.

Existing Spells Made Available to New Jobs

  • White Magic
    • Raise II (RDM Lv. 95)
    • Raise III (SCH Lv. 92)
    • Reraise III (SCH +v. 92)
    • Addle (WHM Lv. 93)
  • Black Magic
    • Blizzard III (DRK Lv. 92)
    • Thunder IV (RDM Lv. 92)
    • Fire V (SCH Lv. 91)
    • Blizzard V (SCH Lv. 95)
    • Break (DRK Lv. 95)

Additional learnable blue magic spells will be added.

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*The above content is still under development is subject to change before the official release.