Patch 0.307: Woodz N the Hoodz!

A new territory to explore, strange men in capes, two new islands of power and mystery…

Discover now all the other surprises offered by the Version 0.307: Woodz N the Hoodz!


Wakfu/Stasis Islands

  • Two new islands have appeared: a Wakfu island and a Stasis island. Neutral to outside governments, these islands are only accessible according to the visitor’s alignment as they give special bonuses and exclusive craft machines.
    • For further details please view the related Dev Blog article.
    • The Sadida Kingdom is now available within the nation of Bonta. As with Emelka, citizens have to cooperate and work together in order to unlock the gates. There, you will find the Boowolf Family, the Polters and Ancestral Pines while also having the honor of meeting the charming Queen Sheran Sharm.

Sadida Kingdom

  • The Sadida Kingdom is now available within the nation of Bonta. As with Emelka, citizens have to cooperate and work together in order to unlock the gates. There, you will find the Boowolf Family, the Polters and Ancestral Pines while also having the honor of meeting the charming Queen Sheran Sharm.


Character classes


  • Specialties of all existing classes have been revised.
  • Already distributed Specialty or Ability points will be refunded to all existing characters.
  • All classes now have 5 Active and 5 Active Specialties. The Passives evolve over 20 levels while Active evolve over 10 levels. As a result, the costs and effects of all class Specialties have been revised in order to correspond with this new formula.



Active Specialties modified:

  • Disengage: Allows the Cra to escape from a tackle zone by pushing back its target and jumping backwards. This spell also gives one extra MP.
  • Bat’s Eye: Allows the Cra to reduce their enemy’s range and increase their Critical Failure rate.
  • Disturbing Arrow: The Cra fires a blunted arrow that doesn’t cause damage but instead decreases the target’s resistance (via Disturbed state).


Active Specialties modified:

  • Precision: Spell has been removed.
  • On Your Guard: Spell has been removed.
  • Mechanism: The Cra improves his knowledge of beacons. He can set more beacons at once, and the beacons are more resistant.
  • Improved Vision: Allows the Cra to increase spell range and chance of inflicting a Critical Hit.
  • Surprise arrow: A Cra’s arrows deal more damage if he goes unseen by his enemies at the beginning of his turn.
  • Powerful Shooting: The Cra inflicts greater damage when he is not in contact with an enemy.
  • The piercing arrow now rebounds on multi-cell monsters.
  • Cell signs where the Disengage spell can be cast on have been made clearer.



Active Specialties modified:

  • Meowtbreak: Spell has been removed.
  • Double or Quits: The Ecaflip plays all or nothing! Either he doubles the last Earth damage he did, or heals his target. He can try again as long as he has inflicted damage.
  • Feline Leap: The Ecaflip utilizes his feline talents to jump on a nearby cell and move more easily. He is thus better prepared for the attack and wins an Air damage bonus.
  • Black Bow Meow: The Ecaflip calls his feline friends for help and summons a stubborn Black Bow Meow which in turn will attack both enemies and allies.
  • Rabies: Have you ever seen a rabid Bow Meow? The cost of the Ecaflip’s Air spells are reduced by 1 AP and Air damage is increased as well.
  • Cat Tree: The Ecaflip plays Bow Meow and mouse! He has a 50/50 chance of dodging attacks and healing himself, or doubling the damage he is about to suffer.


Active Specialties modified:

  • Sixth Sense: Spell has been removed.
  • Critical Hits Control: Better than a Wabbit’s paw, the Ecaflip sends up a few prayers to his god, improving his luck.
  • Flealine Army: The Ecaflip’s fleas are perfectly trained; they steal more HP and can be applied with Earth and Air spells.
  • Fleahopper: Now steals health points instead of inflicting damage.
  • Fleabag: Now steals health points instead of inflicting damage.
  • Fleeches: Now steals health points instead of inflicting damage.



Active Specialties modified:

  • Transcendance: The Eniripsa manages to “de-phase,” which allows the Eniripsa to avoid being the target of a spell. He is also healed and benefits from a healing bonus for the rest of the turn.
  • Regeneration: This spell applies the Regeneration state, which gives life back to its target but goes away if he inflicts or suffers damage.
  • Eniraser: The Eniripsa removes all the target’s effects and states, and transfers part of his HP to them as well.


Active Specialties modified:

  • Absorption: The Eniripsa is able to transform part of the damage he suffers into heals. Any adjacent ally also benefits from this power.
  • Massacuring Mark (replaces Explosive Mark): The targeted monster will inflict damage on the enemies around him when he dies and will generate heals for the Eniripsa’s allies.
  • Heal Drain: When an ally or enemy is healed by an effect which is not cast by the Eniripsa, the latter receives a percentage of the health points that were given back.
  • Coney summon improved.
  • Invigorating Word correctly decreases a Sacrier’s Angrrr.



Active Specialties modified:

  • Bravery Standard


Active Specialties modified:

  • Show Off: For an Iop, a battle is also a show in which he is the star! He won’t just sit back and let you steal the limelight now…



Active Specialties modified:

  • Sinistro: Spell has been removed.


Active Specialties modified:

  • Rollback: The timeline can sometimes curve under the effect of a Xelor’s spell. As a result, any energy spent will be returned to him as if nothing had ever happened.



  • Enutrof’s Blessing spell has been improved.



The Hoodlums

  • The Hoodlums invade all areas of the World of Twelve. Unpredictable opponents, they offer exclusive equipment to those who are able to defeat them.
    • For further details, please view the related Dev Blog article.


  • The majority of Amaknian and Bontarian territories have been divided into several zones. The zone in which seeds are planted now determine the composition and level of any monster groups generated there. This system allows for better progression within the same territory and makes it easier to find groups that are suitable for a player’s level.
  • The “Stabilized” state, already present on certain monsters (like the Crobak Chief), is now visible in the States list.
  • The following monsters have been rebalanced:
    • King Jellix
    • Celestial Gobball
    • Trunknid
    • Treechorn.
  • Clan Members Keli Liesin and Captain Calamari have learned how to dodge!
  • Corrections and improvements have been made to:
    • Celestial Gobball
    • Tofu
    • Tofurby

Dungeons & Challenges

  • The Blibli Dungeon in Bonta has been reopened!
  • The Arcade Dungeon and government statues now sport unique equipment and poses.
  • Zone Challenges are now accessible to all neutral and allied foreigners, as well as to all citizens of the nation owning the territory, regardless of their Clan Member (Outlaws included).
  • Bonuses from a nation’s Arcade Dungeon are applied correctly.

Equipment & Professions

  • Nearly 12 new equipment pieces are now available through the Wakfu and Stasis System.
  • Nearly 80 new equipment pieces are now available through the Hoodlums.
  • The Class Amulet now gives an HP bonus.
  • Raziel bonuses are now applied correctly.
  • The following sets have been reworked:
    • Small Scaraleaf set
    • Adventurer set
    • Three Pistes set
    • Gobball set
    • Tofu set
    • Sumi set
    • Larva set
    • Whirligig set
    • Cloudy set
    • Arachnee set
    • Riktus set
    • Treechnid set
  • Distributions of Wild Plants (Thistle, Ditsy Flower and Clover) have been modified in some zones for a more logical progression and better access to resources.
  • Dry pines in Kelba have become harvestable resources. They can now also be found in Thicket of Yurbut in Bonta.


Politics & Citizenship

  • 4 new laws have been added to the governor’s panel. They only cost one Law Point to be activated, and concern neutral foreigners in the nation:
    • Animal Protection: A neutral foreigner cannot interact with the fauna.
    • Ecological Protection: A neutral foreigner cannot interact with the flora.
    • Civil Protection: A neutral foreigner cannot attack an innocent citizen.
    • Touristic Protection: Citizens cannot attack an innocent foreigner.
  • A governor candidate who no longer meets the 1,000 Citizenship Points requirement is automatically removed from the election list and can no longer receive a vote.
  • If no governor is elected, no longer is it necessary to wait for a new election two weeks later. A new election should now launch automatically.
  • A governor can no longer appoint a Challenger who has less than 100 Citizenship Points.
  • The Disobedience law, which made those who did not respect the Clan Members’ wishes lose Citizenship Points, has been removed.
  • The eco-terrorist and poaching laws (which concern protected species and resources) now apply to the trampling action as well.
  • The Militancy law (vote for the outgoing Governor) has been downgraded from a Major Offence to a Crime.
  • The number of Law points available to the Governor have rose from 35 to 50.
  • The Devotion Law now rewards 3 Citizenship Points instead of 1.
  • Diplomatic information is sent correctly when a nation is attributed.
  • The Collaboration law now works correctly.
  • The transfer of Kamas between Clan Members now works correctly.
  • The feedback message “You are now considered an outlaw in…” no longer appears randomly.
  • At the end of an election, the new governor now gains his particle effect correctly, as well as his coat and crown.
  • An Outlaw who is attacked in the territory of an allied nation will no longer be accompanied to the border, but will instead be sent to his own nation’s prison and will have to serve his sentence there (as if he had been attacked on one of his own nation’s territories).


  • Spectator mode is now cancelled if an observer changes his mind and direction before reaching the destined cell.
  • Summons are now displayed behind walls when the associated mode activated.
  • Combatants joining a fight are now visible through walls.
  • Massive improvements on the battle AI have been made.
  • A character leaving the battle no longer appears in battle pose for the spectator.
  • Summons no longer benefit from speed bonuses.
  • The fighter timeline order now updates correctly if a fighter’s initiative changes during the placement phase.
  • After a transformation, a fighter now returns to his correct static battle animation.
  • Monsters now wait for their speed bonus to be applied before beginning their turn.
  • Players can no longer start a battle while standing on the same cell.
  • Monsters controlled by AI no longer attack allied mechanisms.
  • The “0-Timer” bug has been corrected; users are no longer occasionally “frozen” while affected by buffs and debuffs.


  • Notification added for a grade change within a guild.
  • The ‘end turn’ button no longer appears if it can’t be used.
  • Notifications now appear over the standard interface.
  • Fighters now have an arrow under their feet that indicates the direction they are facing.
  • Feedback added that informs a player who starts an exchange or sends a private message that the person he is speaking to has ignored him.
  • Stolen Health Points are now displayed in floating text form.
  • A particle effect has been added behind the character marker on the world map, in order to make the user’s location more visible.
  • A delay has been added to the use of keyboard shortcuts in order to avoid unintentional spam.
  • The end of challenge notification is no longer shown twice if the player is on the winners’ board, but not number one in the rankings.
  • Improvement of group members’ locations on the world map; it is now more precise. The closer two members of a same group are, the more precise their positions will be.
  • Combat timeline information (AP/MP/WP) correctly updates.
  • The character no longer chases the mouse in some situations when the UI is disabled.
  • Modification of the passport interface: the right page is now dedicated to nation bonuses (Clan Members and Arcade dungeons).
  • During the guild creation process, you will now be notified if the chosen name is already in use.
  • Notification added when a guild is deleted.
  • Secret recipes which are discovered now correctly appear in the profession interface.
  • The politics interface now correctly displays the duration of a mandate (14 days and not 16).
  • The Gemlin’s appearance can now be changed more than once without having to close and re-open the interface.
  • There is now a new option which allows you to permanently display the life gauge above the fighters. This option is not activated by default.
  • Small improvement of the area management interface (available by Clan Members).
  • The Status bar (accessible by right clicking on the heart interface) can now be moved.
  • Information about an equipment piece’s resistance bonus to states has been added for more clarity.
  • During a fight, on the character page and timeline, the state description interface opens correctly when right clicking.
  • Undesired notifications no longer appear when a player on the ignored list logs on and off



  • Weather effects change correctly when you leave a world.
  • Bilbiza pumps are no longer limited to a certain number of uses.
  • Chat messages containing banned words are no longer sent to the server. The player instead receives an error message as a result.
  • An error message has been added while trying to plant on a field which is not located at the same height as the character. Furthermore, if possible, the character won’t stay on a neighboring cell at a different height but will go to one from which it will be possible to plant.
  • The HP number displayed for a freshly resurrected character is now correctly updated.
  • It is now possible to make all 4 different types of drinks at any tavern.
  • The mouse cursor no longer indicates that a decoration not belonging to you is an interactive element when hovered over.
  • If a player accepts an exchange request while crafting, his work is now cancelled.
  • An animated screen now illustrates a character swimming back from a conquerable island.
  • The number of Gobballs in the Crozolily Meadow has been increased.
  • Inner lights have been reworked in order to be less dazzling at night.
  • It is no longer possible to take a Haven Gem merchant from your Haven Bag if this breaks the 4 windows per Gem rule.
  • The Haven Bag bug, which prevented the owner from leaving his bag normally and teleported him back to his initial position, has been fixed.
  • Addition of titles: Stylist of the Year 967, Stylist of the Year 968, Fashion Victim, Sweet Talker and Landscaper of the Year 968, which will be given to the winners of previously held contests.


    • Sound effects and filters are now available on Mac.
    • Complete sound effects are now available for the Sadida Forest, Hoodlums and Boowolf Family.
    • Addition of missing sounds:
      • Incarnam Zaaps
      • Shustuft Crust dungeons’ Shushu
    • Improvements of the sounds:
      • Gobball’s kiss
      • Cra’s storm spell
      • Iop
      • Celestial Gobball & Incarnam Celestial Gobball
      • Scarecrows
      • Eniripsa’s Coney
      • Monstroplants
      • Exploding Sunflower
      • Achievements completed
    • Entire mixing redone.
    • Sounds that were played twice instead of once have been corrected.
    • Zaap sounds and particle effects are no longer played if the player cannot use them.


Patch Glossary

  • MRU: Menu Radial Universe, action panel which can be reached by right clicking an interactive element.
  • Feedback: Information sent by the server to the player via chat or graphic element, concerning an event which has just occurred.