Forum Feature Updates Along With The Transition To A Full Version (Aug. 17)

The following adjustments and additions have been made to the forums along with the transition to a full version.

  • The forum logo has been updated.
    *The design of the forum is also planned to be updated in the future.

  • The maximum resolution of the images allowed to be used as a forum signature has been set to 550×300.
    If an image that exceeds the maximum resolution is used, the size will be automatically reduced.

  • The following change has been made to the forum log in process:
    • To log in to the forums, the following requirements must be met.
      • Possess a Square Enix account with an active FINAL FANTASY XIV service account
      • Have logged in to FINAL FANTASY XIV within the last 30 days (additional requirement)

      *If the above requirements are not fulfilled, you will be unable to log in to the forums to post comments or access other forum features.
      *If the ability to log into the forum is restricted due to the above condition, please log into FINAL FANTASY XIV. However, please note that it will take about a day until the restriction is removed.

  • Item Link has been added.
    By using an [ITEM] tag around an in-game item name, the details on the item will be displayed.

    ex. [ITEM]Potion[/ITEM]

    Please note that this new feature is still in the testing phase. All the item details will be displayed in English.
    *Item data is provided with the help of ZAM FFXIV.