Leon Coming Back From The Dead For Next Resident Evil Film?

Bloody Disgusting has some exclusive news regarding the next film in the Resident Evil series- Resident Evil Retribution.

Actress Sienna Guillory (known for her part as Jill Valentine in the films) stated via twitter that she’ll be returning for the next installment. Though it has also been reported that the part is being recast. It has also been discovered that S.T.A.R.S. member Barry Burton will appear along with U.S. agent Leon Scott Kennedy.

But wait a minute.. Isn’t Leon dead in the universe the live action movies take place in? In the early moments of the second movie, Resident Evil Apocalpyse, a newspaper comes up on screen for a brief moment. Brief enough to see that Jill Valentine was dismissed from S.T.A.R.S. after the death of her partner Leon Kennedy.

Was Leon’s death faked so he could turn around and work for the government and create an interesting sub plot? Or was the information included in the Raccoon City Times simply ignored in order to add another “name” to the movies in the hopes that people will actually want to see it? We can add this mystery to our movie list right next to “Where the hell did the Executioner in Resident Evil Afterlife come from?”

I’ll wait for Resident Evil Damnation. I prefer my game movies to not take place in Bizzaro world. Oh, and I like them to be good.