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Final Fantasy Type-0 Demo Now Available In Japan

11 Aug 2011

Final Fantasy Type-0 has had quite a journey. Originally Final Fantasy Agitos XIII, the game was bound for the mobile phone platform. However since then, it has moved over to the PlayStation Portable and even gotten a new name with several other “types” being filed at the same time.

With the game set to launch in Japan this October, the game is on its final run. A demo for Type-0 is now up on the Japan’s PlayStation Store. So if you have a Japanese PlayStation ID (and more importantly a PSP) go download it and get a taste of what is sure to be the last big bang of the PSP in North America… if it ever comes out.

By the time this game comes out for us, I think it’ll be seen more as a digital download for for the PlayStation Vita than a PSP title.