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Steam Trading Beta Lets You Swap Hats For Games

9 Aug 2011

So you play Team Fortress 2. And you have hats. Lots, and lots, of hats. What happens when you have extra hats?

You’re an avid Steam-er. You’ve bought bundle after bundle and have “extra” giftable copies of games. What do you do with them?

Now you have an option! Steam Trading Beta allows for players of Team Fortress 2 to trade their in-game items for giftable copies of games from other Steam users. Currently the system is testing for Team Fortress 2, but is looking to expand into other titles in the future such as Portal 2.

Personally, I’ll probably never use this since I’m not a huge fan of paying for additional content of this type. But hey! This kind of stuff wouldn’t be around if there weren’t suckers people spending money on this kind of stuff. At least now there will be the option of “oh man I can’t believe I bought this thing.. anybody wanna trade me for a copy of a game?”

Check out their Steam Trading Beta FAQ for all the details on how to participate.