Walk of Echoes Battlefield Adjustments

A number of changes will be introduced to Walk of Echoes battlefields in the next version update:

  • General
    • The no-reservation system will be preserved.
    • The once-per-Vana’diel-day entry restriction will be preserved.
    • All PCs in a single battlefield will form an allied group, similar to Campaign battles.
    • The spawn delay for subsequent waves of monsters in each walk will be reduced.
    • The cutscene displayed upon receiving Kupofried’s medallion will appear only once.
    • New upper-tier walks will be added.
  • Evaluation and Rewards
    • Evaluation conditions will be revised.
    • The system providing exclusive rewards to only the highest-rated participants will be changed to one in which all characters rated above a certain level will qualify for extra spoils.
    • Monster item drops and lottable spoils will be abolished.
    • New rewards will be added.
    • Coin drop rate will be increased.
  • Difficulty Adjustments
    • The linked enmity system will be revised.
    • Characters who remain KO’d for 30 seconds will automatically receive a Raise effect.
    • A possible time limit extension to 60 minutes is under consideration.