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Newsletter #49: From The Desk Of The Community Team

5 Aug 2011

Greetings, adventurers! I hope everyone is enjoying all the tweaks, additions, and adjustments that were introduced with the July version update. These minor version updates- designed to swiftly address issues from previous updates while responding to player feedback and introducing requested features- are definitely a welcomed change of pace to break up the long lull between major updates.

It was nice to see that my mention of the test server in the previous article stirred up some good discussion. Pretty soon we should be able to share with you more of the details that you’re all so curious about. It’s definitely awesome that you are so anxious to try out the content beforehand in order to help shape FINAL FANTASY XI into an even more enjoyable and exciting game. With the test server, the official forums, and feedback from community sites, we’ll be hearing your voices louder and clearer than ever, which can only mean great things for the future of Vana’diel!

Although the job adjustments manifesto recently posted on the forums may not have been as epic as our VanaFest Twitter stream last year (when we watched the BG thread grow exponentially… I have such fond memories of those days!), it certainly did fuel discussion. Job-related topics definitely dominate the forums, and while many players may have thought that we weren’t answering these threads, rest assured that we were (and are!) working diligently to compile all your ideas and requests to send to the development team. Make sure to let us know your opinions on these job concepts, and we’ll do our absolute best to follow up on them.

Lots of great stuff is on the way with future version updates, activities, and more, so keep your eyes on the forums for more news. In the meantime, happy adventuring, and I will see you all in Vana’diel!