Dev Tracker For The Week of 7/31/11

This week has seen a handful of responses surrounding the recently released job manifesto. The Community Team and Development Team are responding to player feedback about proposed changes as well as commenting about other ideas being suggested by the community.

Check out the highlights of the past week after the break.

The Mysteries of Vana’diel

Why is Vana’diels sky blue? Why are there undead in Zi’tah during the day? And what is up with those blocked tunnels in Norg and Kazham? These questions and more… will hopefully get a response from the Development team in the near future.

Sweet sweet mysteries! I’ve been hiding in the shadows collecting all your questions and I forwarded them over to the development team. I can’t promise anything, but we will see what they can answer!

Bows and Guns being visible?

Something I can recall being talked about for many years now: allowing rangers to have bows displayed on their backs. However it doesn’t look like this will be happening anytime soon due to the amount of work that would need to be done.

We spoke to the development team about displaying bows and guns when they are equipped. They looked into the possibility of doing this, but since there are a lot of tasks both system wise as well as animation wise, unfortunately they came to the conclusion that it would be too difficult.

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