Dev Tracker For The Week Of 7/31/11

From adjustments to the boss lurking in the Dzemael Darkhold to concept art to an explanation of the “void”, this weeks Dev Tracker is packed with information and teasing of things to come in the future.

Check out this weeks highlights after the break!

The “Void” beyond Eorzea

I have a few minutes before I dive back into patch 1.19 work, so I’ll tell you what I can about the “void.”

The “void” is the generic term that inhabitants of Eorzea have given to a dark realm they believe exists beyond their own. This domain is different from the heavens (where the Twelve reside) and the seven hells (one of the destinations to which those who do not follow the teachings of Nald’thal believe the body goes upon death). Little, however, is known about the void or what it contains, and thus creatures deemed too queer or unnatural to be “of Eorzea” (such as ahriman, imps, phurbles, etc.) are often categorized as “voidsent,” the common belief being that they were sent by some sinister force from beyond the corporeal realm. Recently, Eorzean scholars have begun pointing to the high concentration of voidsent in the Dzemael Darkhold as evidence of the void’s existence, though concrete proof (beyond the Ishgardian sapper’s claim) has yet to be uncovered.

I know you guys are dying for more, but that’s all I can give you for today!

Batraal Fight All Screwed Up

A similar discussion popped up recently on the Japanese forum, and so Mocchi brought it up with Matsui to get his feedback on the situation and see what changes are being considered.

  • Front line damage dealers
    We will be making adjustments to some of the actions for pugilists, marauders, and lancers which will add a bit more damage. We’re currently in the process of performing post-adjustment balance checks.
  • Monster AoE attacks
    Many of the most damaging AoE attacks have a specific area that is affected, so by standing to the side or behind an enemy you can avoid the attack. I believe there is still some room for adding a bit more strategy to this, so let us monitor the situation for a bit before we decide how to address it.

With that said, we will be making adjustments to both classes and monsters in regards to these things.

Tell Needs Chime Sound

If we implemented something similar to FFXI, it may be possible for us to do. We’re currently in the process of testing a system that will feature multiple sound settings, so please give us a bit of time to investigate.

Please re-examine the return death penalty

From all the feedback we have been receiving after patch 1.18, the below two subjects were always the ones that stood out the most so Mocchi discussed them with Yoshi-P and Matsui to try and get some insight on future plans.

The durability hit resulting from being knocked out is really harsh.

Though it will be during a patch following 1.18a, we are aiming to reduce the death penalty incurred for lower ranks and plan on changing it as outlined below.

Rank 1~9: No durability loss
Rank 10~19: Making it so the durability loss is half of what it is now
Rank 20~: No change

With the cost of Cure being so high, it has become really difficult to rank up solo.

We will be implementing various adjustments to this.

Our goal is to balance it so that when solo, if you engage a monster that is the same level, once the battle is over, you’ll be left with somewhere around half your maximum HP. In regards to the SP not being too great for monsters that are the same level as you, we will be revamping the SP gained after defeating monsters of the same level.

We will be checking on other plans in the works next week.

I wanna see concept art for the new Eorzea!

Yoshida wanted us to pass along that they’re currently busy working on patch 1.19, but that once it’s released, he’ll be able to discuss a variety of interesting topics, so hang in there for a bit longer!