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Notice: Regarding Account Security

3 Aug 2011

Over the weekend (of 7/29/11), we were made aware of some unauthorized activity within Ankama’s database servers.  We here, at Square Enix, Inc. are currently working closely with Ankama to investigate the details and to determine the full scope of the incident.

Ankama has confirmed that no financial information was compromised as all payment processing and related services are handled by external, third party partners, with extra security barriers intact.


What we have detected as of Wednesday, 8/3/11, there is evidence of in-game items having been taken from accounts in other Ankama-related games and may be linked to these recent activities.  As a result, notifications have been sent out to accounts that are potentially at risk.  In order to minimize the impact, these accounts have had their passwords automatically reset; subsequent emails have already been distributed containing new passwords.  Please be advised that accounts that have had their password changed after the 29th by the account owner will not be affected by this protective security measure.

Protecting your account information is our highest priority and therefore we are using all available resources to increase account security for our members and we will continue to constantly monitor activities in order to thwart and obstruct any malicious intent moving forward.

If you feel that you’re account may be at risk please contact Ankama Support.  Similarly, you may also manually change your password through the Ankama Account Management Panel.

Any details and further information will be communicated and made available as we receive it.

We would like to extend our sincerest apologies for any inconvenience this situation may have caused and thank you for your understanding.