Event: All Roads Lead to Brakmar

Think you have a particular knack for naming popular roads? Bummed that the likes of Sunset Boulevard, Reform Promenade, and Yonge Street were already named long before you came along? Well, don’t sweat it! It is still possible to try your hand at naming some famous streets: the streets of Brakmar need your creativity!

Street names have often been used to illicit a sense of instant recognition of a nation’s particular “image” (Hollywood Boulevard, anyone?). With that in mind, remember that Brakmar’s image is one of a sulphurous, hot and brutish land!

Three Clan Members for Three Merchant Bridges

Brakmar is a nation just like Amakna and Bonta, but sports a completely different feel. While not necessarily evil, the folks who live there aren’t exactly soft and fluffy. Got it, punk?

 Stumpy Jack is the Hook Master of Martial Path, the ideal place to find axe-chopped prices so low that you can’t help but drop your crafting hammer!


Sarko-Phage oversees Bouffe-Lard Boulevard, a paradise for lovers full of culinary wonders. Not for those with weak stomachs, mind you…

And lastly, we have the lovely maiden Halein Flesh, head honcho of Scara Pass. She’s a fashionista who has no reason to envy Gabban-Dol.

What’s The Purpose of This Contest?

The principle is simple: while considering the reputation of the respective Clan Member and Brakmar as a whole, you can submit your name suggestions for streets, avenues, and whathaveyous for what will eventually form the three Merchant Bridges of Brakmar.

The rules:

  • Only one entry per person is permitted.
  • Each entry can contain only one proposal for each bridge (as such, three proposals in total are expected).
  • Each entry must be sent by email to na.wakfu-community@square-enix.com with a subject line of “BRAKMAR STREETSbefore August 15, 11:59 PM.
  • In addition to your proposals, the email must also contain your Ankama nickname (your forum handle, not your confidential login ID).






Winners will be selected from the pool based on originality and theme.

What’s At Stake?

Upon completion of the contest, the winning choices will be implemented into WAKFU the MMORPG. The winners will therefore receive an exclusive life-long opportunity of bragging rights of their silver-tongued mastery of words and puns.