The Imperials Are Here!

A few months ago we reported that a strange person had been seen around Eorzea, speaking of the “Seventh Purification” predicted by Mezaya Thousand Eyes. It was at that time that adventurer’s began to find deaspected crystals during their travels.

This man, Urianger Augerelt would appear randomly to speak his words before dispersing. Now, after patch 1.18, something else is afoot in Eorzea. Imperial soldiers are here! Will you heed the call of the Militia Outriders who wish to protect Eorzea from the Garlean threat?


While there have been suggestions as to the exact timing of this event, I have yet to see any concrete information in regards to when exactly it can take place. The surest bet at this point in time is an NPC in Ul’dah by the name of Alfgar. If this NPC is present, that means that the event is currently tacking place just north of Camp Horizon. I’ve heard that the event can take place in other locations such as Camp Tranquil but unfortunately I don’t have the details for that.

The Event

Once you’ve arrived, you’ll see a Militia Outrider next to a Chocobo. He’ll ask you to take up arms against the Garlean forces that are running around the area. The soldiers are level 25 while the war hounds are level 20. There are a lot of them wandering around. It shouldn’t be to difficult however as others are sure to show up and help share the burden of defeating the large number of Garleans.

Upon defeating the Imperial forces, a treasure chest will spawn next to the Militia NPC. Inside you’ll find a handful of… what else? Deaspected crystals.

You can receive two achievements for your lodestone history page from this event. “The Empire Strikes First” by talking to Alfgar, and “A Taste of Victory” by defeating the Imperial forces.

There you have it! Another mysterious event. I can’t help but wonder how many more of these we’ll see. Will they keep being implemented in future patches or are they being used to hype up some kind of event that will be occurring in the future?