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FFXIV At China Joy 2011

29 Jul 2011

This weekend the 9th China Digital Entertainment Expo and Conference aka China Joy 2011 is being held in Shanghai. Said to be one of the largest gaming and digital entertainment expos in all of Asia, a lot of familiar companies are present at the event to show off their newest titles. This includes Shanghai’s own Shanda Interactive Entertainment, the largest online games publisher in China. You may remember the company from Square Enix’s announcement that they were teaming up with Shanda to bring Final Fantasy XIV to the Chinese market.

Inside Games is reporting that Shanda has included the game, known domestically as 最终幻想14, at their booth this year. While there are only a limited number of computers set up, they are offering a playable version of the game for visitors to try out. They are also showing off the 3D demo Square Enix has shown off at past events.