Dev Blog: The Hoodlums

They’ve been spotted within the Amakna and Bonta boarders. Why, even Captain Calamari and Keli Liesin have reported sightings of them on their respective islands! Rumor has it they even have plans of invading Brakmar

But who the heck are these Hoodlums that stride across our lands, concealing their identity yet able to emit an aura of power that makes even the fiercest adventurers tremble in their boots?!

Unpredictable Enemies

Hoodlums are a dangerous threat to all adventurers of the World of Twelve, but just like you, they too have dedicated themselves to the teachings of one of the Twelve. It is also fact that these ruffians can be found making their way through nearly any region of the Known World, of course apart from Incarnam and Astrub. There’s something about heights they don’t quite like…

Thanks to the disguises they wear however, it is impossible to guess the makeup of their crew before it’s too late. Like all the Twelve’s creations though, you’ll still be able to get an idea of the group’s total and individual difficulty level, so no sweat there!

As these refugees are not looked after by any Clan Member, they won’t directly affect regional ecosystems and therefore are not specific to any nation in particular (as you aren’t as well!). So feel free to think of them as global pests and ideal targets for Disciples level 30 through 50.

Once you pick a fight with any member of the group though, the Hoodlums unveil their true colors – presto chango!

About 40 unique individuals have been identified thus far, each belonging to a cult, focused on a classic archetype.

A Fistful of Booty

Attacking a Hoodlum always presents a considerable risk, but one thing is certain: to the winner goes the spoils!

While fighting, you actually train and hone your skills against other disciples of the Twelve, therefore allowing you to considerably improve and master your fighting and strategic prowess! And that’s not even mentioning the treasures to discover when looting the corpses. Undoubtedly, there’s plenty of room to steal and hide stuff under a cloak!

Therefore it will notably be possible to discover a new equipment set, adapted to different styles of combat for every class. Moreover as every international traveler picks up secrets across their adventures, these items will contain new bonuses such as those that allow an artificial increase in elemental spell level and class specialties…