New Darkstalkers In Production, Or Just More Ono Hype?

I almost wet myself when I saw this image. It pretty much confirms a new Darkstalkers. Will it be it’s own title, or will it be an HD: Remix, like the treatment 3rd Strike is getting? (GGPO, Achievements, DLC, the works.)

Unfortunately, it was later clarified as being a teaser. Ono asked fans to hold up cash to prove to Capcom that the series still had life. That’s when the image popped up on the projector. Still… Doesn’t this mean that something is going to happen?

Either way, vanilla Vampire Savior would do well with the HD: Remix treatment, so here’s to wishful thinking! I truly doubt Capcom would let this fly, especially at San Diego Comic Con, without there actually being meat behind it. Let’s file this one under “Hopeful Confirmation“.