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AMD: "Xbox 720 Graphics Will Look Like Avatar"

22 Jul 2011

It’s a ballsy announcement, but AMD claims that the new Xbox will be capable of reproducing graphics seen in movies such as James Cameron’s Avatar. As of right now, not even PC’s are quite there yet. Of course, AMD is known for making ridiculous statements just to hype their products, and if they are indeed working on the next Xbox console (unconfirmed, but very likely), then boldly claiming a console will launch with this type of power is either ridiculous or brilliant.

On a similar note, by the time the Xbox 720 comes out these type of graphics might not even be a big deal. Or, as usual, they’ll make believe this statement never existed. Well, as of now, we can only speculate. It also makes you wonder – Where is the future of PC gaming heading? As it is, it seems that graphics companies are purposely keeping their hardware on par with consoles if only to make console ports easy for developers.