Beta: New Mass Invite

Welcome, new brethren, to the World of Twelve!

In celebration of our convention extravaganza, and most recently Anime Expo, the Sadida King has ordered us to unlock the flood gates for a new wave of Beta testers!

As WAKFU is still in a Closed Beta phase of public testing, not everyone is allowed to jump in game and give it a spin. But as content is added and hardware is improved, sometimes additional testers are required. Under normal circumstances this is done through a limited giveaway of codes, or Beta Keys as they’re better known by, but these are no typical circumstances. In preparation of scaling up, all North American users who’ve registered for the WAKFU Closed Beta before midnight on July 7th (Pacific) now have access to the game — no key required!

Already a Beta tester? Stop by the Introductions sub-forum and say “Hello!” to your new buddies!

Yay, I qualify! Now what do I do?
An email should already be waiting for you in your email inbox. This email should provide you with a link on where to get started. For those of you too anxious to wait, go ahead and click on the large yet orange [PLAY CLOSED BETA] button located at the top-right hand side of the WAKFU website (or simply click here). After signing in, just download the appropriate client for your PC Operating System, patch, and jump in game! Once you get a sense for things, please discuss your opinions and experience with other testers and staff on the forums and report any error you stumble across; the more feedback we get, the better the game becomes for you!

See you soon, future Incarnate!