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Player Achievements For The Week Of 7/10/11

12 Jul 2011

Player Achievements, is a segment on our weekly Pet Food Alpha podcast that gives everyone the opportunity to brag about their accomplishments for the week. Finish an Empyrean weapon? Finally completed a set of Empyrean +2? Or maybe you finally beat your mom at Ballista. Whatever it is, we give you the chance to post about it!

Each week on Pet Food Alpha we’ll go through the forum thread and read off our favorites on air! All you have to do is post! And who doesn’t like bragging and increasing their e-peen? The thread for this week is now available so let us know what you’ve been up to in Vana’diel!

*When posting in the Player Achievement thread please refrain from discussing other member’s achievements. Only post your achievements. Please also refrain from multiple posts. This lets us go through the thread easily to read your accomplishments