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Final Fantasy Type-0: Possibility Of Overseas Release

5 Jul 2011

A more detailed version of the Tetsuya Nomura interview has revealed itself, and you can read it (untranslated) over here. Summarized English version here.

Most of the already well known bases are covered, but reportedly the largest revelation here is that they are looking into a serious localized version, if not a plain out downloadable (DLC) version of the game.

While it appears that the game is being delayed, the Famitsu interview reveals that characters can be swapped at save points, and like most games in the Final Fantasy series, expect to see a lot of familiar faces (and monsters!)

For those not in the loop, the game is boasting the presence of 14 lead characters to choose from, and extensive online play over PSN. While rumors claim that the game may be shipping on two UMD’s, the fact that it is also being considered for DLC and overseas release makes it look like we be seeing it live on the other side of the world after all.

Saner has quite the post detailing the game available over at our forums!