Battle Reform: Auto-Attack

As has been previously mentioned on The Lodestone, patch 1.18 will mark the commencement of major battle reforms. Today, we would like to apprise you of the main adjustments that will accompany auto-attack, the feature that will spearhead the effort to improve the battle system.

Read on for the details.

Auto-attack will be implemented for Disciples of War and Magic only, and will take the form of a melee attack for all applicable classes. For instance, archers will strike with their bare fists, while conjurers and thaumaturges will deliver a blow with their equipped weapon.

Changes Accompanying Auto-Attack

The stamina gauge will be abolished with the introduction of auto-attack. Consequently, certain actions that have been dependent upon the stamina gauge will either have their effects revised, or be made to affect attack delay. Below is a list of main adjustments being planned.

The following basic attacks will be removed:
Pugilist: Heavy Strike
Gladiator: Light Slash
Marauder: Light Swing
Lancer: Light Thrust


The following actions will be made obtainable at rank 1 instead of rank 2:
Pugilist: Concussive Blow
Gladiator: Red Lotus
Marauder: Trunksplitter
Lancer: Skewer
Archer: Puncture
The abilities Light Shot (Archer), Spirit Dart (Thaumaturge), Phantom Dart (Conjurer), Throw, and Stone Throw will remain available, although their usage will be regulated by a recast timer.


Recast timers will be adjusted for certain actions obtained via quests and guild marks whose action costs were managed solely through the stamina gauge.
Pugilist: Light Strike / Flurry / Pummel
Gladiator: Light Stab / Heavy Slash / Heavy Stab
Marauder: Broad Swing / Full Swing / Heavy Swing
Lancer: Heavy Thrust / Pierce / Full Thrust
Archer: Multishot / Close Shot / Heavy Shot
Thaumaturge: Shadowfall / Silhouette
Conjurer: Nature’s Fury / Elemental Shroud


The effects of the following actions will be changed:
Speed Surge will affect auto-attack delay instead of the stamina gauge.
Ambidexterity will increase the chance of blocks while guarding, instead of halving the stamina gauge cost of your next action.
Chainspell will no longer reduce the stamina cost of your next spell.


Patch 1.19 and Beyond

Auto-attack functionality will be prioritized in 1.18. Changes such as battle algorithm revisions, attack motion diversification, and peripheral motion tweaks are scheduled to take place in 1.19 and subsequent patches.


Attack Delivery
1.18 will introduce auto-attack in its basic form, which will permit Disciples of War and Magic to deliver a single strike (double for pugilists) each time it activates. Future patches will usher in multiple attacks, the activation rate of which will be determined by actions, traits, and items.
The existing algorithm will be maintained for 1.18, with attack delay to be introduced as a new parameter for weapons. Work to revise the algorithm will commence in earnest from 1.19.

Actions Obtainable via Quests and Guild Marks

Actions falling into this category will be brought under re-examination, which will include a review of developmental direction. This will be done together with the planned revisions we have for actions in the future. As this may result in drastic changes to certain actions, we are considering ways to allow players to reselect actions, such as a refund of guild marks.

View the auto-attack video that accompanied the Letter from the Producer, XI.

Peruse the Battle Reform Blueprint as composed by lead battle planner Akihiko Matsui.