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[NA]Forum Features Updated (Jun. 29)

29 Jun 2011
The following adjustments and additions have been made to the forum along with the maintenance performed on Jun. 28th.

  • Function enabling players to link the character data they have selected to their forum profile has been implemented.
    • Characters on the service account associated with the Square Enix ID that is being used to log into the forums will now be displayed in forum profiles.
      Following information will be displayed in the forum profiles.

      • Character Name
      • World Name
      • Class and Rank (You can choose up to 3 Classes)
        * These information cannot be removed from your profile.

      * For the first time loggin into the forums after the maintenance, the forum profile menu will be displayed. Please select that character you wish to link to your forum profiles. * You cannot use the forum service until the character data is linked.
      * Character data link will be checked periodically. In case you delete the character that is linked to your forum profiles, it will be the same as character not being selected. The next time you log into the forums, the forum profile menu will appear and you must select the character you wish to link to your forum profiles.

  • An issue wherein an option "Automatically parse links in text" is not present on "Post New Thread" window has been addressed.