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Patch 0.306 6/28 Hotfix

28 Jun 2011

We have deployed a hotfix today at 5:00 AM Pacific time. The patch notes are as follows:

  • When using the Haven Bag’s outer options, you can now move from one display to the next without problem.
  • Looking through Haven Bag displays which have been closed should no longer cause issues.
  • The rare occurrence of partial or complete loss of the Haven Bag has been corrected. Unfortunately, those who’ve already fell victim to this bug cannot be restored.
  • Enutrofs no longer pause when walking over a mine.
  • The Range bonuses on boostable 1RA spells are now applied correctly.
  • A loot distribution error has been corrected.
  • Fighters no longer have a chance to be frozen in Combat Stance upon the event of an observer leaving right at the end of combat.
  • Bloodsucker Tsu Tsu no longer explodes repeatedly while under the influence of an Eniripsa’s Sadist Mark.
  • Swords representing combat while in Low Definition graphical settings now initialize correctly.
  • Blocks occurring in busy crafting areas (marketplaces, for example) should no longer be an issue.
  • In order to correct the problems with floating resources (flying ore and grass fish), the ecosystem has been re-initialized.
  • Various Client and Server improvements.

Thank you.