Dev Tracker For The Week Of 6/19/11

26 Jun 2011

This week’s Dev Tracker dug up some information about player titles, some clarifications about upcoming raid content, the removal of the ‘Area of Effect’ option for magic spells, and giving bonuses for completed Guildleves.

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Any words on looking for group system enhancement

We confirmed with the development team that along with the implementation of instanced raids, they will be looking into enhancing the convenience of the party member search system. A raid search option will be added along with a feature that allows players to indicate they are searching for a party outside of raids.

We are currently performing thorough tests to ensure there are no problems for implementation.

Crafting instability graphics

The dev. team is currently looking into adjustments related to the orbs that players interact with while crafting, so they’ll look into making them easier to distinguish at the same time. Thanks for the feedback!

Increase capacity in trade window

Confirmed with the dev. team in regards to increasing the maximum capacity in the trade window above the current four slots. After we complete the planned overhaul of item-related data/adjustments, we will move on to addressing trade, bazaar and other system-related edits.

Plan to remove benefit for failing leves?

While the current situation where players intentionally fail leves is not against the rules of the current game design, it obviously doesn’t foster a healthy game environment. In our future plans for Guildleves, we don’t plan on adding a penalty for failing, but instead plan to include a bonus for completion.

[DEV 1018] Changing prices of items in a retainer’s bazaar (also players)

Great suggestion that you brought up, Adol! We forwarded your feedback to the dev. team to let them know and we got a response right away! What the dev. team informed us was that the current system would make these changes difficult due to the fact that these features are server-related, so once the server adjustments have been implemented they will be looking into being able to change prices of items in personal and retainer bazaars.

Thanks for your feedback!

[Dev #TBD] Fixing the Level Spread of Local Leves

Hey everyone! We forwarded your concerns about this topic to the dev. team. They let us know that they too have been discussing the small selection of 35+ leves and will be addressing this after the adjustments to recipes are carried out. These changes should help with ranking up your crafting classes quicker. I know I’ll be looking forward to it!

Heya VydarrTyr! I forwarded your questions to the dev. team and they were able to let us know that recipe adjustments are planned for patch 1.19. I hope that helps.

Rank up fanfare [dev 1081][dev 1072]

Spoke with some of the dev. team today to ask about this for you guys. Along with the elimination of physical levels, they agree that the importance of leveling up will change, as perhaps should the visualization of that achievement. They said they’ll be changing many animations as part of a step by step overhaul, so they’ll be looking into making changes to the rank up animation/fanfare at that time.

[DEV 1018] Please tell us what we sold

Brought up this suggestion to the dev. team and they said that they’ll look into this alongside the server fixes and enhancements. As I’m sure you’re aware, server adjustments won’t be immediate and will take some time, so I appreciate your patience until then. Sounds like they liked the idea, though!

[Dev1068] Materia Exploit?!?!

Regarding the question I gleaned from the original poster (Can you generate materia from gear that already has materia attached to it?), I checked in with the dev. team and they said that isn’t the current plan.

Instanced Raids Unveiled! (Clarification)

Spoke with the dev. team to get some answers on a few of the questions that have been popping up in the thread.

Are there level restrictions for instanced raids?

There is a minimum level required to enter, but not a maximum level. Therefore, if it’s a level 25 raid, as long as you are 25 or above you will be able to enter.

How often can you enter an instanced raid?

After entering once, you will need to wait a period of time before you can re-enter. (The time has yet to be finalized)

Can you gain SP while battling in raids?


What happens if you disconnect while in the instanced raid?

You’ll be able to reconnect and rejoin your party. If the party has exited by the time you return, you will be placed outside of the dungeon.

Are four players required to enter rank 25+ raids? And 8 for 45+?

Currently, yes. Rank 25+ raids will require four players to enter, and rank 45+ raids will require a full party of 8. This is a result of the balancing that is done inside of the actual raid, along with ensuring proper load on the servers are maintained. With the release of patch 1.18 we will monitor the comments and feedback from the community and re-evaluate as necessary and implement variations as needed.

But… are these raids gonna be tough? I want a challenge! I CRAVE A CHALLENGE!!!1

Rest assured… When speaking about the current raid dungeons, we can sum it up in one word: difficult.

AOE Toggle Needs to GO

I confirmed with the dev. team that in the future they are planning to remove the AoE magic toggle.

I prodded for some more details about the system to hopefully give you guys a better understanding at what the current plan is. The current policy of allowing spells to be cast both as an individual-target and AoE will be done away with. During the armoury system improvements spells will be evaluated and determined whether they will be an individual target spell or an AoE spell on a case by case basis.

What ever happened to player titles?

Checked in with Yoshida to get try and get some hints on the future implementation of player titles. One aspect of the titles that we are able to reveal is the fact that they are planning to tie titles to the upcoming achievement system.