WAKFU Game Designer Tiris Comments on 0.306

While patch 0.306 was only hours old, the vocal WAKFU community started expressing concern about the adjustments to character points. WAKFU Game Designer Tiris made some comments about the reasons for the adjustments (among other things). Read on for his comments.

We’d like to take a moment to address the new distribution of character points.

As you’ve all noticed, we’ve made some changes. The feature is not affected by bugs, and so we do not foresee another complete reconsideration of the Specialization Point system at this time.

It’s true, we let you get comfortable having 3 max spells when you reached level 30 of 200 (and thus, not even at 1/6 of your character’s full potential), but this template was not sustainable, as ALL spells could be maxed out at level 150.

Envision a scenario where everybody has their 10 spells maxed out at level 150! Everybody will be the same.

The system was therefore revised to take into account how it would work at the highest level in the game – level 200 – and allow you to choose BETWEEN these available spells in order to construct unique builds. If you find that grinding takes too long, then the discussion shouldn’t be about the points system, but instead should be focused on the level cap OR the speed at which one arrives there (as examples).

Moreover, for every 20 levels, you receive additional Aptitude Points, so therefore if 80 points seems like a monumental task, that cost may actually be only 4 levels!

Many players became used to leveling up through the focus of a single spell; investing only, for example, in Transport Sickness or Blood Pact for the Sacrier. This was not our intended goal. It will now be necessary to figure out how to build a diversified character; gradually assembling 2-3 spells to level 1, then with level 2, etc.

To finish, for those inquiring why we implemented this change now when during the Beta 1) you cannot exceed level 100, and 2) the XP rate is low, the answer is simple: take a look at your initial reactions and remember that we’re just in Beta! The initial rush of negative feedback would be much greater if we had waited longer to change the system. Essentially, the longer you wait, the more it hurts.

Overall, it will be necessary to change and adapt to gameplay that takes into consideration what the game will be like when it reaches gold and beyond.

I will also note one last thing: this change also makes it possible to highlight issues with design, including things like certain classes being too dependent on their specialties, like the Sadida and their dolls. This is not a system that we’ll change, but these spells with issues become more apparent than ever before.

One more thing! The objective for the game has always been to give a level 20 a fair shot in combat against a level 20 monster. I do not believe that with the new system you suddenly no longer stand a chance against an equal leveled monster. Especially now, Characteristics, which are still evolving, will truly be useful going forward.

The bottom line is, while some of you won’t care about this message, I felt it was important to explain the reason behind this change. It was not intended as a punishment; we are refining the mechanics of the game.

What do you need to remember from all this? From a power standpoint, you won’t be more powerful. In fact, perhaps a little little less in the beginning. But on the other hand, leveling up and creating character builds will be more interesting. With the end game now being taken into consideration (long term vision over short term), you’ll finally be able to meaningfully invest in characteristics.

Please keep the posts of constructive so that interesting and valid comments can emerge. Thanks.

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