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Patch 0.306: The Newer Dimensional Shop

22 Jun 2011

A new patch has arrived! On the agenda: balancing of existing classes, new national laws for governors, new features for the enterprising merchant and of course much more.

Discover the full patch notes for Version 0.306 of WAKFU!



  • Ability and Characteristic Points have been separated. As a result, 5 Ability Points and 5 Characteristic Points are now issued per level up.
  • The point cost of all Abilities and Characteristics have been revised.
  • Abilities description has been modified.
  • Ability Points of existing characters have been reset.



  • Swiftness of Ecaflip’s bonus becomes “Rate of Critical Hits +50%”.
  • Sixth Sense: Passive spell merged with “Hands off”.
  • Croupier: New spell! The Ecaflip can hand tarot card out to either allies or enemies. When a card has been given, another is generated. The effect of the distributed card lasts for one turn.



  • Enutrof Blessing: Chance of dropping specialty has been increased.
  • Meteor: Damage has been increased and target takes higher damage if affected by the “Bound” state.
  • Firedamp Explosion: Damage has been increased while on a mine.
  • Mortal Sling: Damage increased; now applies “Incurable” state; cost has been modified.
  • Mass Clumsiness: Cost has been modified.
  • Phorzerker: Cost has been modified.



  • General: Sacriers now gain 7 Health Points per level instead of 6.
  • Attraction: Range has been modified.
  • Kill: Increases Angrrr levels.
  • Punishment: Applies level 4 Angrrr.
  • Rocky Foot: 3% damage Bonus dependent on consumed Angrrr.
  • Burning Blood: Now applies a superior “Scalded” state.
  • Crackrock Hit: 10% chance of applying the “Nasty” state.
  • Sacrifice: Applies “Nasty” state to caster.
  • Colonnades: Cost has been modified.



  • Enutrof, Sacrier and Xelor Gostofs’ have had their spells adjusted to fall in line with recent class changes.
  • Incurable State: Increased from 1% Healing Resistance and Health Point Gain to 10%.



  • Combined seeds have been removed. Simple seeds will allow the generation of combined monster groups, dependent on the species that naturally inhabit the zone.
  • Fish resources have been amended. Evolution is now similar to that of other harvesting professions with a unique level associated to each resource.
  • The appearance of the Royal Piwi has been made more frequent.
  • Gobballs have moved into Bonta’s Kara Meadows, pushing the Prespics into Cania Plains.
  • A new shady character has been spotted in the Miss Ugly marshes: Sweeny Toad!




  • Two new laws have been added – Opposition and Unique Party. According to the Book of Tyrannical Law, Article 1, it is strictly forbidden to stand or vote against the current Governor in an election.
  • The first two Citizen Rights actionable by the Governor have made their debut:
    • Charity: +10 Citizen Points for donating 100 or more kamas to a public receptacle.
    • Militancy: +3 Citizen Points for every citizen who votes for the current Governor.
  • Revised international relationships:
    • A foreigner visiting a neutral nation becomes an Outlaw upon violating the local laws instead of acting upon the ecosystem.
    • A foreigner visiting an allied nation gains or losses Citizen Points with regards to local laws.
  • Every national role can utilize an associated uniform.
  • Xenophobia law has been altered. It is no longer possible to lose Citizen Points if attacking a neutral foreigner or ally if they are an Outlaw/Law-Breaker.



Haven Bag

  • Haven Bags are now automatically furnished with a Display Shelf, replacing the Small Barda Window.
    • Merchants are able to highlight flagship products outside the bag through the mouse-over tooltip.
    • Used exactly like a standard window in which it has three sale slots.
    • Display Shelf cannot be destroyed, traded or crafted.
    • Existing characters can obtain a Display Shelf through the Gift interface.
  • Purchasing items from a Haven Bag without entering is now possible.
  • The bag’s outward appearance can now be changed from the Control Console.




  • Tooltips for characters, monsters and resources have been standardized.
  • System Message (level up, nation notifications, etc.) delivery has been redesigned to minimize gameplay interruption.
  • Right-clicking certain System Messages now allow the corresponding interface to open.
  • The emote window has been redesigned in preparation of new additions.
  • States interface (heart) has been revised.
  • Spell descriptions now may contain an icon symbolizing if its range can be modified.
  • The detailed number of planted/harvested/cut resources and revenues now join the Professions interface, formerly located within the Passport.
  • The “See linked up recipes” icon in the Professions interface becomes grayed out if no recipe exists.
  • The shortcut to place any element onto the hotbar has been changed to “Alt+Left-Click”, regardless of element.




  • Added effects for the Xelor and Sacrier classes.
  • Added verbal battle audio-bits for all classes.
  • Added a sound effect for the emote “Eat” while sitting.
  • Added sound effects for the “drawing water” animation.
  • Added music and atmospheric sounds for Gobball Dungeon baseedts.
  • Added atmospheric sounds for the Shukrute Dungeons.
  • Added atmospheric sounds for the Amakna and Bonta Harbors.
  • Mixed and improved effects for Robber, Dripple and Crow families.


Bug Fixes

  • Radial Menu law feedback no longer displays your own laws while visiting a foreign nation.
  • Applicable law information has been added to the tooltip of resource actions.
  • An Outlaw’s reputation now precedes him when visiting allied nations and territories.
  • Untimely notices of law changes have been addressed.
  • Wooly keys now drop as intended in Bonta.
  • The Hammle mark no longer gives Steps until the end of the battle, and instead only until the end of the beneficiary’s next turn.
  • “K’mir” stabilizes the target correctly when thrown by a doll.
  • Xelors can move easier from an hour tile to another for only 1 Movement Point.
  • Xelors can no longer use the dial to teleport if affected by a  “Stabilized” state.
  • Xelors can no longer use the dial to teleport to a tile they are already occupying.
  • Xelors die correctly upon reaching 0 Health Points.
  • Withdrawn/gained Steps by Hammhour can no longer be infinitely accumulated.
  • The Xelor’s Dial disappears without costing Wakfu Points if the caster is not located on an hour tile.
  • “Mass Clumsiness” and “Prime of Life” have been revised.
  • “Seismic Shovel” applies the “Bound” state on the entire line.
  • “Higgledy-Piggledy” steals Movement Points correctly.
  • “Battle Training” level 4 correctly gives 25% bonus to resistances.
  • Mines increase the chances of gaining or loosing Movement Points in addition to the the drop of Enutrof pouches.
  • Enutrof’s mines are no longer detectable by other classes through tooltips.
  • “Death Refusal” and “Blood Pact” have been revised.
  • Certain spell particle effects no longer persist after combat has ended.
  • Certain tooltip locations were revised.
  • “Guardian” and “Soldier” states could not deactivate if the badge was removed. This has been addressed.
  • Haven Bag locks have been modified; locks should no longer vanish.
  • Sounds of several Robbers have been revised.
  • Character steps are clearly audible during battles.