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Square Enix Account Transfer

20 Jun 2011

In order to better safeguard the account security of PlayOnline users and to provide a more streamlined account management experience, we will be transferring all PlayOnline IDs to the Square Enix Account system.

The transfer process will be available in the last half of July, and will give users access to an improved user interface that will allow account management from any web-browser.

Please visit the following URL for details on all of these changes.

Please note that all users will have to log in and agree to the transfer by August 31, 2011, or they will lose access to PlayOnline and FINAL FANTASY XI.

In the last half of July, a walkthrough detailing the transfer process will be posted on the PlayOnline website as well as the FAQ section of the Square Enix Support Center.

This transfer will require you have a Square Enix Account. If you don’t already have a Square Enix Account, we strongly encourage you to create one in advance at Customers who already have Square Enix Accounts need only complete the transfer process.

We hope you’ll agree that this marks a significant step towards providing a more secure, user-friendly, and responsive experience.