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Now Available: Redeem IoW Items Today!

20 Jun 2011

Did you know it’s now possible to unlock exclusive items in WAKFU the MMORPG simply by exploring “Islands of WAKFU,” an Xbox LIVE Arcade game developed by Ankama Play?

Every Islands of WAKFU achievement unlocked on your Xbox account allows the redemption of a corresponding trophy in WAKFU the MMORPG.  Not only does this bring you one step closer to understanding the mysteries of the World of Twelve, but it gives you twelve additional items for your arsenal of boasting! Like a rare blue tofu Fumelmet for you and a Gemlighostface for your loyal Gemlin.

Heed the call of adventure in Islands of WAKFU and uncover the last remnants of the Eliatrope civilization.

Islands of WAKFU is currently available for download on Xbox LIVE Arcade.Visit the official site for more information.

Already play Islands of WAKFU? Link your Gamertag and check out the Achievement Awards list.