XBLA Update For The Week of June 15th (Highlights)

There were two big releases this week as far as the Xbox Live Arcade world goes, and the one that caught me off guard was The Adventures Of Shuggy. What is a Shuggy? Well, Shuggy is basically what happens after you mix Super Meat Boy, Bubble Bobble, and Super Mario into a blender full of puzzle 2D platformer.

Developed by Smudged Cat Games, “Shuggy” features 116 puzzles, online play, local co-op, and more cute-vampire-goth aesthetic than you can likely handle. Unless you’re into that type of thing.

Regardless, the game is eating up way too much of my time, and that tends to be the case of any release that feels like it would have been comfortably at home on the Sega Genesis. That is nothing but a huge compliment. I love the game. On the flip side, 800 Microsoft Points actually feels a tad bit steep for the title, which is my only complaint about the game. 400~600 points would have felt more ‘right’.

The second big release was Magic The Gathering: Duels Of The Planeswalkers 2012. Really not much more I can, or should say about this title. If you know (or still care) about the franchise, then you have already downloaded it. As usual, 800 MSP.