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Hands on with Ninja Gaiden 3

17 Jun 2011

Ryu Hayabusa is back in  Ninja Gaiden 3 – complete with all the blood and gory slashing you can handle.  Those fans of the Ninja Gaiden series will surely enjoy this latest installment, and any fans of hack-and-slash games in general should not miss this on either the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3 when it releases in early 2012.

The game play has advanced since the 2008 second installment.  We saw the inclusion of Quick-Time Events (QTE) in a number of games at this year’s E3 – meaning that in certain situations the player will have to quickly hit a button or series of buttons in order to successfully complete a scenario – and Ninja Gaiden 3 has included this game play as well.  There is a “Kunai Climb” which allows Ryu to scale some walls in order to move forward, and the ability to use an “Ultimate Technique” when the cursed right arm of Ryu starts to glow.

The demo being shown was an early level of the game, and was not particularly challenging – but we’re certain that additional challenges are present in the game.  As a fast paced hand-and-slash style game the camera movement and angles are critical, and Tecmo Koei has clearly gone to great efforts to fix the criticism leveled at Ninja Gaiden II‘s camera.  The camera tracked the action crisply and we were always able to find and control Ryu with little effort.