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Dev Tracker For The Week Of 6/12/11

17 Jun 2011

Sorry that the Dev Tracker is a bit late, we’re still playing catch up from E3 2011. There are some exciting announcements including some clarifications on the new Auto-Attack system, the announcement of arrow key camera mapping, and adjustments to the market ward system and item search feature.

We’re looking for volunteers to do a weekly recap of the posts that appear up on the Dev Tracker (AKA Dev Tracker posts). We’re also looking for someone with some experience in audio. Our wish is to have a quick, weekly news recap (Topics and Dev Tracker) to have played on Gamer Escape Radio. If you are interested in volunteering please throw an email to [email protected] listing any experience you have with the topics mentioned above.

Check out all of the posts after the jump!

Final Fantasy XIV Auto-Attack Video Follow Up

A quick note regarding the comments about the slow auto-attack speed, dullness, etc. presented in the video, etc. In line with the comments made in Matsui’s Battle Reform Blueprint, this is only the first wave of the auto-attack implementation with the second wave including the motion/animation updates and adjustments.

A few more answers to “auto-attack”-related questions we’ve seen pop up:

– Disciples of Magic will have an auto-attack when in close combat range

– Attack speed will differ based on the weapon used by each class

Jobs start @50?

Please also keep in mind that there are still many unannounced details regarding the job system and I was only speaking to a specific question that was being asked/was a point of confusion. I suggest waiting for further announcements for more intricate details.

Further proof that the market wards are a festival of failure.

In Patch 1.18, we will be increasing the max number of retainers that can be set up within each area. However, by simply increasing the number of allowable retainers, the fact remains that it could again reach the capacity limit. Therefore, as a precursor to that we will be planning some type of system of checks and balances in order to reset the retainers that have been setup.

The Letter is up (Archers and Auto-Attack)

Checked with the dev. team regarding questions about archers and their ability to auto-attack. Auto-attack as a system will initiate when the player is fighting an enemy in close range. While archers will be able to auto-attack enemies while in close range it won’t be with arrows. New animations will be implemented to make this all happen!

Beastman Coins

The dev. team let us know that they are uncertain whether or not Beastmen currency will have any specific use in the future.

It’s up to you if you want to hold onto them or sell them!

Fall back and regroup: time for crafting autoleveller?

There are some great points in this thread so we brought them up to Yoshida and he said he will look into making the crafting process easier. We want crafters to have fun analyzing the market, searching for demands and creating products for sale, rather than the crafting process in and of itself.

I want arrows keys mapped to camera!

Hey everyone! We know this has been a very popular topic on multiple occasions and the dev. team wanted to let you know that they have began working on increasing the key mapping settings. This will include being able to set the camera controls to the arrow keys!

Please end your retainers HQ sales in 1-2-3

I apologize for the late reply. The dev. team let us know that they are improving the item search feature and this should include an easier search for HQ items.

This alternative solution is a great idea in the mean time and I see it catching on in the Market Wards. Even I have been listing my HQ sales up like this.

Global Chat

Spoke with Yoshida regarding the discussion taking place here. While the chat system is one of the many core edits planned along with other systems, due to the fact that server fixes are higher in priority, we are not able to delve into the specific content right now.

With this said, please continue to give us feedback on this topic and we will make sure to keep it in mind for our future discussions. I know there are a lot of “this way works/this doesn’t/don’t do this/make sure you don’t do this!!1!” so let us know your thoughts.