Islands of WAKFU : game update !

The Xbox LIVE ArcadeTM game Islands of WAKFU has been updated, and the patch provides new difficulty levels!

Islands of WAKFU

Islands of WAKFU was released on March 30th on Xbox LIVE ArcadeTM. The Initiate mode of this action adventure game was a real challenge for some players.
Thanks to the update, the difficulty curve has been redesigned for even more dynamic fights and the difficulty is now better balanced. Some surprises await those who will give the demo a second try.

Moreover, two new difficulty options are now available in the Initiate mode. One is easier than the original Initiate mode; while the other is far more difficult. It’s the occasion for all players of to rediscover a rich mythology !

The Islands of WAKFU game is exclusively available on Xbox LIVE ArcadeTM for 800 Microsoft points. You can download the game here.