Get Ready For Cave Bullet-Hell… On The iPhone.

Deathsmiles – The original, not the sequel – Is getting it’s very own port on the iPhone. Not just a straight port, but apparently a new character and gameplay mode are planned. The new mode, a bit too obviously titled ‘iPhone Mode’ appears to be geared towards players not familiar with the intensity of Deathsmiles, and similar Cave “shmups”.

Matter of fact, the new iPhone mode appears to revolve around the for-mentioned new character, Tiara. She guides you through the game, acts as your friend, insults you. How moe! Or would that be tsundere? The last anime series I watched was in 1992, so I’m not hip with the new terminology you groovy cats are flinging.

I digress.

Aside from these two additions, it appears to be a straight port from the console version we received last year. Still no word about localization on Deathsmiles 2, at least as of writing this.

Do you think the iPhone 4’s retina display is actually sensitive enough to keep up with the demands of a game like Deathsmiles, or is it more likely that the game will be rather unplayable outside of the newly designed “iPhone mode”? Perhaps an HD iPad version will be more feasible.

You can look forward to downloading Deathsmiles on your iOS device later this year. Expect a sub-$10.00 price point.