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EA Beginning To Defy Steam, Or Simple Misunderstanding?

15 Jun 2011

Earlier this week, first person shooter game Crysis 2 was pulled from Steam, and is now exclusively available on EA’s new “Origin Service“. Is this a move for EA to compete against Steam, or will it only be for certain titles?

What makes it strange is the fact that EA is specifically targeting Steam. “Exclusive” is a bit of a deceptive wording here. D2D, Amazon, Impulse; The game is still available for download on many other DLC services.

I’m voting for a slow drifting away, or at least temporary exclusivity. EA knows that everyone will buy on Steam first, so this is a great way to get users. Once the game ages, of course, then it will be made available on Steam. Well, you know, if Valve stands for these shenanigans.

As of right now, Bulletstorm, Dragon Age II, and many other EA titles are still available on Steam. However, it appears that Alice: Madness Returns is set to be a “Origin Exclusive”, which I’ll admit makes me pretty upset. It’s one of the specific PC games I can say I was really looking forward to, especially considering it includes the original Alice. I’ve played through that game countless times.

I sent an email over to EA and Valve to see if I could get a press release out of either side. So far all I have gotten was the typical automated responses. Fingers crossed for a witty reply from Gabe Newell.

It would be easy to assume this is a preemptive strike gearing up for the release of Battlefield 3, and potentially boosting the popularity of their “Origin” service.