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Star Trek (2012): Pre-Alpha Gameplay Demo

14 Jun 2011

Hidden away between the massive 346,890 square foot South Hall and the colossal 210,685 square foot West Hall, is the rather modest and little known 26,342 square foot Concourse Hall.  While accessible to anyone, the Concourse Hall is filled with rather ordinary looking cubicles, and, from the outside, is the antithesis of the loud, flashy and over-the-top exhibits in the main halls.  But if one were to head to the last row of these cubicles, and with the proper invitation, they could grab a seat (and a cookie) and see a pre-alpha gameplay demo of one of the most anticipated games in development – Star Trek.

In Star Trek, you play (for the first time according to their E3 literature) as Kirk and Spock in a co-op action-adventure game for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.  The game takes place after the J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek (2009) film, and features an original stand alone story in which “Kirk and Spock work together to stop a legendary enemy race bent on conquering the galaxy”.  While perhaps not the most unique storyline, I suppose Kirk and Spock playing Beach Volleyball is not what fans of the series want – nor fans of Beach Volleyball for that matter.  Working closely with the writer/producers of the Star Trek (2009) film (who are working on a sequel set for release in… you guessed it… 2012), the game had the look and feel of the movies, but where you made the decisions and controlled the action.

Shown with two screens (in order to demonstrate the asymmetrical co-op gameplay), Kirk and Spock must first reboard the Enterprise (which is under attack).  Once aboard, Kirk and Spock navigate through the Enterprise in order to try to determine the source of the attack.  Tricorders are featured prominently, as Kirk and Spock use them to unlock doors and scan fallen red shirts as they wander the “too quiet” halls of the Enterprise, they receive a distress call and head to the Shuttle Bay.

The main part of the demo takes place in the Shuttle Bay, where Kirk and Spock are ambushed by a group of enemies.  The player experiences Quick-Time Events (QTE) a playable cut scene in which Kirk and Spock dive for cover while the players keep full control of their weapons.  While they fight valiantly, Kirk is eventually semi-paralyzed.  This is where the co-op play really takes over, as Spock must drag Kirk to Med Bay (meaning he can move but not shoot), while Kirk (who can shoot but not move) must provide cover fire for two of them as they navigate the now not so quiet halls.

The cop-op play continues in Med Bay, where Spock must kill the alien parasites invading Kirk’s body (via a little mini-game of sorts), while Kirk continues to provide cover fire.  Once healed, Kirk grabs a Federation rifle, and uses a nifty secondary fire mode—an absorbent  shield.  Spock fires repeatedly into the shield, which stores the energy as a charge, allowing Kirk to discharge the shield with a giant and devastating blast.

With more than a year and a half of development behind them, and another year left (at least until the next Star Trek movie is released), we’re adding this game to our wish list and look forward to more information and news in the future.

Want to see some for yourself?  Here’s  a hi-res version of the trailer.